In 2012, following the success of the Downley House project in Hampshire, designed by award winning Architects Birds Portchmouth Russum, Projec-Technique continue their relationship with Chris Taee with whom they now offer combined multi-disciplinary skills and services to those clients wanting an exceptional and dedicated team of professionals with the experience and expertise to design and deliver extraordinary hand-built homes.

BPR are interested in bringing surprise and delight to all stages of a building design. The result is a unique synthesis between the client’s aspirations and the physical context.

Projec-Technique have considerable experience in the commercial, operational and strategic management and delivery of complex buildings, and bring positive energy, leadership and creative solutions to the whole process, from inception right through to completion.

Our Client knew he wanted to build an extraordinary and super-bespoke home, but he also wanted to retain ownership, inclusion and control of the process, with the fun and freedom to organically explore and express his ideas as the building evolved from concept to reality. In short, he didn’t want to give up his dream to a contract.

So working closely with Chris, we orchestrated our own construction management procurement model, with a team of exceptional and dedicated professionals who listened, understood completely the brief from the start, and took care of all the arrangements; a very safe pair of hands.

The way we approached and delivered the project was both interesting and liberating, with the whole team, including the specialist trade contractors and craftsmen, bringing innovation, energy and influence to all stages of the process, so that it felt like we had accomplished a completely custom-made, hand-delivered product. Design information and construction flowed together. Important details were considered as needed and incorporated seamlessly throughout the build programme.

What we created between us was a unique and spectacular home that was delivered on time, on budget and to exemplary quality standards, a fact acknowledged by all who have visited.

Building on the success of this project and continuing our relationship with Chris Taee, Downley Inspiring Construction will create dream homes that become an expression of each of our our clients’ unique individuality.

Downley House Project – Photograph Gallery

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