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Giles Ruckert

Giles RuckertGiles is a big-thinker, strategist and entrepreneur. He is practical and loves the great outdoors, needing this space and serenity to be creative and to make the right decisions. He is above all, level-headed and composed, and always thinks ‘out of the box’, making him good to be around in a crisis. He loves to explore different solutions to a particular problem, and works through the questions one step at a time, with much deliberation.Giles enjoys walking, cycling, swimming, fishing, ski-ing and anything adventurous. He is married with two children.

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Mark Wellbeloved

Mark WellbelovedMark is a detail man, who enjoys nothing more than understanding, absorbing, collating, detailing and arranging information, be it in words or numbers. He has the innate ability to bring order to chaos, through observation, inquisition, application and commitment, and he has the capacity to gain people’s trust and confidence by demonstrating these attributes.Mark enjoys music, classic cars, playing football, ski-ing and dining in the company of friends. He is married with two children.

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