Projec-Technique – Our Values

Projec-Technique Ltd is a well-established and respected construction and project management business, whose directors, Giles Ruckert and Mark Wellbeloved, are inspired to offer a very personal service to their clients, by retaining absolute commercial and production control of projects, with single-point responsibility.

Although the characteristics of their personalities are diverse, Giles and Mark together produce a unique blend of attributes which has positively influenced the outcome of all their projects, in terms of time, cost and quality. By interacting personally with clients, and demonstrating their individual skills and expertise throughout the process, they soon build up and engender trust and confidence, essential ingredients in any meaningful relationship, so that a safe, professional environment is created.

‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’

The synergy that exists between Giles and Mark means that Projec-Technique becomes the vehicle through which creativity, objectivity, co-ordination and decision-making are channelled, enabling open, honest, accurate and reliable communication and connection with everyone involved in the process.

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