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The company has been profiled to operate within various sectors of the industry, each providing project management and related services, whilst always recognising and understanding the importance of the time, cost and quality relationships, with a view to positively influencing the successful delivery of projects and ultimately offering best value to its clients.

Its core business is construction and project management, working with clients and developers across a broad range of projects, mainly within the south and south–west regions of the UK. In addition, for pure project management and other commissions where site delivery is not required, there is potentially no limit geographically to the company’s flexibility.

What is fundamentally important to the directors is that business is conducted in environments which support innovative thinking and professionalism, and to this end the company will always strive to give clients a personal, honest, reliable and objective approach to the construction process, to meet their project needs.

Projec–Technique Ltd believe that their range of project management and project delivery services can both benefit and enhance prospective schemes, by offering various options, control and flexibility such that clients’ ultimate requirements can be achieved in line with their own particular time, cost and quality constraints.

In 2012, following the success of the Downley House project in Hampshire, designed by award winning Architects Birds Portchmouth Russum, Projec-Technique continue their relationship with Chris Taee with whom they now offer combined multi-disciplinary skills and services to those clients wanting an exceptional and dedicated team of professionals with the experience and expertise to design and deliver extraordinary hand-built homes.

Our project delivery model directly aligns our interests with the client’s. We know how to manage the risks on behalf of a client, and deliver real value for money with exceptional levels of detail, and we believe this makes us a unique team.

We also recognise that each client will be unique in their vision, passion, expectations and the way in which they imagine the project unfolding, all of which can often change as dreams and aspirations become reality. We commit to these changes positively, by offering and adopting a totally flexible approach to procurement, whilst always maintaining strict control of the programme, budget and quality.

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